Reverse Shell – Cheatsheet

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PowerShell Reverse Shell

Python Reverse Shell

PHP Reverse Shell

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Bash Reverse Shell

Netcat Reverse Shell

without -e :

Ncat bind encrypted shell

On Victim:

On attacker:

Netcat Bind Shell – Allowed host


Netcat Reverse Shell


Socat Reverse Shell

Set listener:

Connect to attacker’s machine:

Eks 2.:

On Attacker:

On Target:

Socat Bind Shell

Set listener:

Connect to the listener:

Sbd (netcat clone)

Set listener:

Connect to listener:


Bypass Applocker

SharpCat – A Simple Reversed Command Shell which can be started using InstallUtil (Bypassing AppLocker)

Change SharpCat.cs (change this line) changing IP to connect back to and port before compiling.


Run SharpCat:

Bypass Applocker and run reverse connect to netcat listener:

nc -lnvp 1233


Encoded Reverse Shell Creator to bypass AVs

Python Script